The company has gathered a team of high-quality talents who have been engaged in the research and development of electric tools for many years. The team has rich experience in product design, production management and industrial application. Seek truth and pragmatism, and constantly do innovation.
The team has equipped with the technology of multi-cell battery protection board design technology, charging protection and safety technology, brush motor control technology, brushless motor control technology, and the program planning and design for the special integrated chip, and has obtained a number of patents in many countries.
We adhere to the development strategy of “Rely on mechanism innovation to introduce high-quality talents, rely on high-quality talents to develop high-tech products, rely on high-tech products to seize market commanding heights”, and lead the development of the power tool products with innovative spirit and superior technology,provide high quality products and designs for the domestic and foreign electric tools enterprises.With the service spirit of giving customers satisfaction and quality first, we recruit the industry leaders widely.