Dongle Laima Electronics Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the design and manufacture of the power lithium battery applications. The company was founded in 2008 and is located in Tianan Digital City, Nancheng District, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province.It mainly designs and manufactures the lithium batteries protection board, the charging device and the motor control of the power tools and the garden tools,the energy storage power control and other electric circuits,while designing and planning the system platform of the battery pack for the customers.
The company has an industry-leading professional design team and has published several invention patents.With the complete theoretical basis, rich practical experience, forward-looking product awareness and pragmatic dedication, the team will cooperate with the customers to develop domestic and international markets.The company emphasizes to consider the design needs of the products from the perspective of the consumers and the customers, and to provide the products with strong competitiveness and value-added services.
There are professional and technical personnel for the hardware,the software,the structure,the process,the measurement and control, and the signal processing in the technology center of the company.They are focusing on the development of various lithium battery pack control systems, switching power supply fast charging system, brushless motor drive system and the related system integration.The products cover the power tools, the garden tools, the electric scooters, the lithium battery strollers, the solar applications and the small energy storage systems, etc.The test center laboratory of the company supports the project testing for the lithium battery modules and the related application, which can effectively manage the development cycle and the product quality.

The company has a perfect supply system, exquisite manufacturing process, intelligent testing methods and advanced management concepts to ensure that each product can be delivered to the customers on time and in quantity. At present, for the aspect of the charge and discharge design of the power tools, we have cooperated with many professional brand companies domestic and overseas to form a series of product research and development advantages. We are willing to work together with the global partners to seek common development!
The working environment of the company is quiet and beautiful. With liberal wages and benefits, the broad space for promotion and the excellent corporate team culture,every employee can work securely,attentively and delightedly.
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